After Tyre, Tripoli and Saida sessions, the project “Bahr Bala Plastic” organized an information session ,at the Cultural Center in Byblos on Thursday 27 August and also in the Municipality of Beirut on 29 August in the presence of Mayor of Beirut Mr. Jamal Itani, and representatives of NGOs, municipalities, universities and associations interested in getting funds for initiatives and projects aimed at reducing the phenomenon of plastic waste.

In the sessions, Lebanese Environment Forum LEF President, Eng. Malek Ghandour, presented the “Bahr Bala Plastic” project and its objectives and components, and then Mr. Paul Abi Rashed, President of the Lebanon Eco Movement LEM, addressed the global crisis of plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment and public health especially in the Mediterranean basin. He stressed the danger of plastics and microplastics to birds, marine life, and humans.

In these information sessions, Eng. Sarah Bou Kamel from Lebanese Eco Movement, talked about the work plan, program, and technical measures through which the project is implemented in the field of awareness, advocacy and advocacy, as well as the conditions, guidelines and lots for the implementation of small projects by civil society organizations such as NGOs, municipalities, universities, cooperatives and private institutions. Eng. Rebecca Baissari from the Lebanese Environment Forum provided details on eligibility criteria, the documents required from the lead applicant and co-applicants for projects ,for proper implementation of eligible actions, and application procedures.


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