The Lebanese Environment Forum held a consultation meeting in coordination with the Lebanon Eco-Movement to discuss the communication strategy and awareness plan for  “Bahr Bala Plastic” , an EU-funded  project that aims for combatting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. The strategy was prepared and presented by the communication expert Bassam Kantar with the presence of Eng. Lamia Chamas and the biodiversity expert Dr. Ghassan Jaradi

The meeting included several discussions for a proper implementation of the communication plan and brainstorming on different steps and procedures to spread awareness about the dangers of plastics. Suggestions by different parties were also presented to more develop the plan of action, specifying target groups, communication and outreach tools, ,and awareness and information materials, to mobilize public and different target audience, along with trainings and awareness-raising workshops in several locations on the Lebanese coast. Activities has been proposed by Mr. Kantar and discussed by the team to achieve the desired goals and changes

This plan will ensure an integrated communication for all work packages in the project highlighting the importance of grants provided for civil society initiatives and the advocacy plan as well

“Bahr Bala Plastic” is a project implemented in partnership between the Lebanese Environment Forum LEF and the Lebanon Eco-Movement LEM with the support of the European Union Delegation in Lebanon, and aims at raising awareness about the dangers related to plastic, developing legislation and initiatives to reduce its use, and encouraging civil society to adopt measures to reduce its negative impacts on the sea life

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