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News - 8 June، 2020

Eight projects awarded to combat marine plastic pollution and Launching a new call for proposals


On the occasion of World Oceans Day, June 8th 2020, the Lebanese Environment Forum and Lebanese Eco Movement are pleased to announce the results of the first batch of projects awarded within the framework of the project “Lebanese civil society combatting for a Mediterranean plastic free” financed by the European Union.

“Bahr Bala Plastic” aims to alleviate the negative impact of plastics on fisheries and fishery industry, on tourism and ecotourism and on marine biodiversity through building the awareness of citizens on plastic litter and supporting financially local initiatives from community-based organisations, local associations, universities and start-ups. The project aims also at improving the existing regulatory framework.

The following eight projects have been selected following a call for proposals and thorough examination conducted by a committee composed of LEF, LEM, the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Centre National des Sciences Marines – Liban (CNRS-L):

  1. Himaya Daeem Aataa HAD Association, targeting the coastal area of Chekka to be clean and free from plastic litter and solid waste.
  2. Lebanese Developers Association with a project purpose to relieve the sea and coastal shore of Abdeh in Akkar from abandoned fishnets.
  3. Green Orient Association in partnership with Beam Association to work on reducing the production of plastic waste in the coast of Naameh and Damour.
  4. Green Southerners NGO in partnership with Aaraya Environmental Association will work on changing behavior and engaging the public in cleaning up beaches and preserving the sea shore in Abbasieh.
  5. Al Hourouf Association, project for turning plastics into materials used for construction in Nahr Ibrahim coastal area.
  6. Rawda Al-Fayhaa High School Alumni Association, a project to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic wastes and turning them into artistic pieces for Tripoli streets with the participation of school students.
  7. Auberge Beity Association, project that aims to improve management and treatment of plastic garbage in 20 touristic resorts located on Jounieh beaches.
  8. Byblos Ecologia NGO, in a project that aims to reduce marine debris, including ghost fishing nets from shorelines, seabed and sea surface and encourage innovative up cycling of plastic waste in corporation with fishermen, divers and local community in the coast of Jbeil, Nahr Ibrahim, Amchit, Oqaiibe, and Kafraabida.

The Lebanese Environment Forum and Lebanese Eco Movement wish to announce as well the launch for a new call for proposals for projects not exceeding 20,000 euros and an implementation period of 6 months. This 2nd call targets the coastal municipalities of the following caza: Akkar, Koura, Batroun, kesrouan, Metn, Baabda, Aley, Shouf, Saida and Tyr. The deadline to submit proposal is set on June 30, 2020.

For more information on guidelines and application forms and documents required, please check the website: https://bahrbalaplastic.org


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